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Group Title:
Swiss Women's Health Alliance
Group Description:

Switzerland holds a unique position of being home to numerous public and private sector healthcare organizations, academic institutions conducting critical research as well as commercial healthcare and biotech entities which are active in the women’s health space. Taken together, these organizations are engaged in a range of activities related to women’s health needs and advocating for addressing gender biases and inequalities in health, supporting access to SRH services/commodities, defending SRH and rights of individuals, and are active in a broad range of issues relevant to women’s health within the broader global health context. Despite these common interests, many of these actors do not always engage with one another outside of their immediate networks or beyond specific/direct organization to organization partnerships and lack a common platform to come together to exchange and collaborate on shared issues and actions. 


The objective of the Swiss Women’s Health Alliance is to offer regular opportunities and a forum for exchange for Swiss organizations, companies and individuals working in women’s health to come together and facilitate collaboration and joint activities. We aim to establish a community committed to addressing key and emerging global health concerns and other gender-related challenges that impact women’s overall health and well-being, with an initial priority on SRH issues and other issues that are directly or indirectly impacted by a lack of universal access to SRH commodities, services, and rights.

Objectives of the workshop:
The overall objective of this workshop will be to establish a community of key Swiss-based actors in the global women’s health field that regularly convenes to exchange and collaborate on key and emerging global health issues and other gender related challenges impacting women’s overall health and wellbeing. The following themes will form a central component to the focus of the alliance: Explore and discuss the gender dimensions of sexual and reproductive health and rights within the context of universal health coverage Identify sustainable and innovative solutions to existing challenges in women’s health within the broader global health issues Fostering the application of a gender perspective on issues such as climate change, disaster relief, education equity, social care, all of which impact women’s health
Specific questions addressed in the workshop:
  • 1. Can we facilitate a dialogue between the research and policy/advocacy communities active in women’s health, within the broader global health context?
  • 2. How can we address the data biases and gender gaps in research that continue to impact women’s health, including their access to specific SRH medicines and technologies? (e.g., Medical Abortion drugs/services)
  • 3. How can we better mobilize human resources in Switzerland to be more efficient and maximize impact in global women’s health work?
  • 4. Can we leverage the digital know-how within Switzerland to further the self-care agenda relating to SRH medicines and technologies, and its linkages with women’s broader health agenda?
Expected output of the workshop:
  • 1. Establishment of a community of women’s health advocates and stakeholders, with a focus on those with expertise and interest in SRH, representing Swiss entities that regularly convenes round table discussions/forums/exchanges focusing on addressing gender gap in health, improving universal health coverage and access to medicines and technologies at the global scale, with an initial focus on SRH.
  • 2. A dialogue is established between the research and advocacy communities active in SRH and women’s health
  • 3. A set of key recommendations endorsed by the working group to sustainably improve linkages and establish synergies between the different sectors relevant to ensuring equitable access to SRH medicines, technologies, and services as the initial focus of the group
Working language of the workshop:
Co-chairs of the workshop:
  • Petra Procter and Metin Gülmezoglu, Concept Foundation
  • Shirin Heidari and Maria Isabelle Wieser, GENDRO
Scientific assistant:
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